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Summer Job Opportunities

Through FACTSnet UofA we seek to help UofA students find opportunities that advance their career and/or personal life. FACTSnet summer jobs are able to provide UofA students with chances to develop services, digital collections and other resources for other organizations. We share these opportunities on this website and in our updates. 

Edmonton Area Job Opportunity

FACTSnet is currently looking for eligible employees in the Sherwood Park--Fort Saskatchewan (Alberta), Edmonton Millwoods, Edmonton Strathcona constituencies.

Please visit our current Summer 2020 Job Opportunities page for more information.

UofA Science Career Services 2020

University of Alberta Science Career Services 2020

1-031 Centennial Centre for Interdisciplinary Science

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T6G 2E9

Science Career Centre Website: Link

Email: yourcareercentre@ualberta.ca 

Phone: 780-492-3975

Hours: Monday to Friday 9:00am-4:00pm


The Science Career Centre allows Bachelor of Science (BsC) students to explore various career options and opportunities. It allows you to hone a diverse range of skills including critical thinking, creativity, communication, and versatility. You will have access to potential employers from a variety of subjects, allowing students to explore different potential career paths and grasp what works for them.

Internships: Link

A wide range of internship opportunities are available both in terms of duration and position. Students pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree have options to pursue work experience lengths of 4, 8, 12, or 16 months. Internships enable students to market themselves and establish a career foundation and networking system with potential employers. Doing so provides students with a platform to apply knowledge, gain and refine transferable skills, all while receiving financial compensation. The work experience also exposes them to different work environments so they can plot out their career paths.

Contact: Link

Nadine Buchanan

Science Internship Program Advisor

Phone: 780-248-1117

Email: science.internship@ualberta.ca

Toll Free: 1-800-358-8314

1-031 CCIS Career Centre

Janine Wedemeier

Work Experience Coordinator

Phone: 780-492-2221

Email: science.internship@ualberta.ca

1-031 CCIS Career Centre

Departmental Coordinators:

Neil Harris

Biological Sciences

Phone: 780-492-3577

Email: neil.harris@ualberta.ca

5-189 CCIS

Christine McDermott


Phone: 780-492-4969

Email: christine.mcdermott@ualberta.ca

W4-30C Chemistry Centre

Alex Brown


Phone: 780-492-1854

Email: alex.brown@ualberta.ca

W4-70D Chemistry Centre

Anup Basu

Computing Science

Email: basu@ualberta.ca

402 Athabasca Hall

Valerie Brown

Computing Science

Email: valerie.brown@ualberta.ca

2-43 Athabasca Hall

Octavian Catuneanu

Earth & Atmospheric Sciences

Phone: 780-492-6569

Email: octavian@ualberta.ca

CCIS 3-020

Vakhtang Poutkaradze

Mathematical & Statistical Sciences

Phone: 780-492-2617

Email: putkarad@ualberta.ca

632 Central Academic Building

Kirk Kaminsky


Phone: 780-492-1070

Email: kaminsky@ualberta.ca

CCIS 4-185

Sandra Ziolkowski


Phone: 780-492-2530

Email: sziolkowski@ualberta.ca

P247 Biological Science Building

Employers: Link

Science Internship Program (SIP) allows employers from companies large and small alike to select students from various departments that fulfill their employment criteria. Students interns allow employers to have access to affordable skilled labour, scout for prospective future hires, or even publicity via previously employed students who spread or review their experiences with the company. Organizations can even obtain wage subsidies if they hire students for internships.

Available Disciplines: Link

Biological Sciences:

-Animal Biology

-Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Biology

-Evolutionary Biology

-Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology

-Immunology and Infection

-Integrative Physiology

-Plant Biology





Computing Science:

-Computing Science

-Business Minor

-Software Practice

Earth and Atmospheric Sciences:

-Environmental Earth Sciences


-Human Geography



Mathematical and Statistical Sciences:

-Applied Mathematics

-Mathematical Physics


-Mathematics and Economics


-Mathematics and Finance





-Mathematical Physics



Science and Medicine:


-Cell Biology

-Immunology and Infection




Student Interns: Link

There are three Science Internship Program (SIP) application cycles: Beginning September-Early October, Beginning January-End January, End May-End June. International students are eligible to apply for SIP (provided they obtain a work permit in Canada), although some positions may be restricted to Canadian citizens.

Internship Timeline: Link

  1. Study: attend SIP information session in September, complete introductory courses (24 credits minimum), apply to SciWorks in May

  2. Study and SIP Preparation: submit application for SciWorks in September, attend seminars (resume writing and interviewing skills), read job postings on SciWorks, prepare concise and professional resume

  3. Study/Internship: search job postings on SciWorks, continue application and interview process until you find employment, book appointment with SIP advisor for application/interview feedback, accept position and inform SIP, register in work experience courses (automatic via SIP), start internship in January, May, or September, need 48 credits minimum prior to internship (students may also find their own employment if desired)

  4. Internship: SIP Advisor will be assigned to each student, SIP visits are meant to occur after 3 months of work experience, complete 3 month probationary period, meet with employer for practice review, employer to complete evaluation at end of placement, for SIP designation: students must complete at minimum 8 months of cumulative experience, and attend INTD 400 course

  5. Final year: Complete INT 400, complete remaining course


UofA Business Career Services 2020

 University of Alberta Business Career Services 2020

General Office 3-23 Business Building

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T6G 2R6

CareerConnect Website: Link

Email: bizcareers@ualberta.ca

Phone: 780-492-2320

Introduction: Link

Business Career Services provides a link between the Alberta School of Business students and alumni and the business community that facilitates employment opportunities. The Business Career Services Team brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and enthusiasm in coaching students to achieve their career goals or helping employers succeed with their campus recruiting. They focus on providing students the tools for successful career self-management enabling the development of the employability skills necessary to help them achieve their career goals.

Services: Link

Undergraduate (Bcom) Students

  1. Cooperative Education Program: Link

Alberta School of Business Cooperative Education Program Co-op work placements follow the academic year. Placements can only start in May, September, and January and be 4 or 8 months in duration. 

  1. Case Competitions: Link

Participation in business competitions is a great way to:

  • Apply classroom knowledge

  • Help your resume stand out from others

  • Challenge yourself

  • Compete against others in a fun environment

  • Travel the world

Graduate (MBA & Masters) Students

  1. Career Management Coaching: Link

 Empower students to have the skills, network, and technical skills to manage their careers successfully by providing personalized coaching and dedicated career management programming.

  1. Internships: Link

The MBA Career Management Centre is here to help recent graduates, get help with a business challenge with a summer intern, or connect with students as they complete the program.

Current Business Students - Full-time permanent, part-time, or summer positions.

MBA Interns - emerging talent pool to help with Summer projects.

Alberta School of Business Recruitment Events Information

The Alberta School of Business Career Services office will be adapting it's student/employer engagement and recruitment activities to be held in a virtual format.  

Instead of holding company-specific information sessions, the ASB is going to host a series of recruitment events whereby multiple companies will be able to speak with our students during a predetermined time.  Essentially, each event will be a smaller targeted virtual career fair, whereby students can be scheduled to have a 10 min video chat with your company representatives either on a one-to-one or one-to-many basis. 

Student/Employer Engagement Details     

  • Cost: $100/employer/session 

  • Time: 3pm - 7pm MST  

  • There will be a limit of 25 companies per session.  

  • Any sessions with less than 5 companies registered on August 31 will be cancelled.

  • Sessions will be marketed toward Alberta School of Business students, however, any UAlberta student will be able to attend. NOTE: University of Alberta Engineering students will be invited to "Get Hired: Consulting" 

Student/Employer Engagement Schedule and Registration  

Sept 10, 2020: Get Hired: Consulting  

Sept 15, 2020: Get Hired: Finance 

Sept 17, 2020: Get Hired: Accounting 

Sept 22, 2020: Get Hired: Banking 

Sept 24, 2020: Get Hired: Energy 

Sept 29, 2020: Get Hired: Sales & Marketing 

Oct 1, 2020: Get Hired: NFP & Government  

Additional Notes to Employers

  1. The system we are using is Symplicity's CSM Virtual Career Fair Module.  The video meetings will be hosted through your own video platform such as Zoom, MS Teams, WebEx, etc.  This will ensure that you can use a platform that is internally approved by your own organization. 

  2. Students register for and will be able to submit resumes that your representatives can view ahead of time or during the event. 

  3. The system allows you to post information and links for the students to view before speaking with your representative.  

  4. If possible, it is recommended that you have multiple representatives working at the event.

  5. More information and step-by-step instructions will be sent out to registered companies well in advance of the event.

  6. Organizations are welcome to participate in multiple sessions if their recruitment and engagement need to cross over multiple disciplines.

School Resources-Job Boards

UofA Business CareerConnect: Link

  • CareerConnect is the career development and job posting portal for the Alberta School of Business Bachelor of Commerce and MBA students and alumni. 

University of Alberta Careers: Link

  • Job listings for positions available at the University of Alberta

Undergraduate Salary and Employment Statistics: Link

Contact bizcareers@ualberta.ca for further information/


(within 3 mo. of graduation)






Employment Rate (active job seekers)






Co-op Employment Rate






Average Salary






Average Salary (Co-op)






Average Salary (Co-op, except CPA)






MBA Employment Statistics

For more information please contact the MBA Program Office directly at mba@ualberta.ca

Employer Participation Statistics

From September 2018 to September 2019 Business Career Services posted a total of 1,800 job postings for over 600 employers.

Note that the volume of job postings does not necessarily reflect the overall activity associated with recruitment by employers on campus. Many companies are far more active on their own with recruitment activities and do not specifically post their jobs on campus sites, or they provide one job posting which directs candidates to their website where a large volume of jobs exist. Our data does not necessarily reflect all the jobs available to our students, as additional jobs may be listed on company websites exclusively.